Legal Notice

Legal Notice

General information to comply with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Company name: Bioges Starters, S.A.
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Contact: email: [email protected]; telephone: 987291813.
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The Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, of April 12, 1996, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, recognizes the holder of the rights recognized therein the possibility of urging the cessation of the infringer’s unlawful activity and demand compensation for material and moral damages caused. Such compensation includes not only the value of the loss suffered by Bioges Starters, S.A., but also the expenses incurred to obtain reasonable evidence of the commission of the infringement that is the object of the legal proceedings. It should also be noted that the infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights may constitute a criminal offense, entailing significant financial penalties and even reaching prison sentences.

Quality policy Bioges Starters, S.A.

Bioges Starters, S.A.. is a company dedicated to providing advanced services in various industrial sectors at national and international level:

– “Development and design of web pages. Digital marketing services, search engine positioning and social networks”.

As an instrument of application of its Quality Policy, it adopts a Management System in accordance with the strategic policy of the company, according to the reference standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015. It also establishes the periodic control of the Management System, through quality audits, according to the reference standard to finally obtain official recognition by an accredited certification entity.

As a continuity to the trajectory of Bioges Starters, S.A. and to respond to the expectations of its customers and other stakeholders, the Management promotes the Quality present in all its activities aiming at:

The continuous improvement of the management system and the performance of its activities in terms of quality.
The satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders focused on the optimization of resources, good internal management, respect for legal obligations and quality assurance of its services, which will be achieved through planned actions for prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement.

In this sense, the Management of Bioges Starters, S.A. establishes the following guidelines and commitments:

To know our customers and other stakeholders, their needs and expectations, to ensure from the beginning of each contract that the specifications are feasible and that all personnel involved in its development and execution know and understand them.
Assume the need for continuous improvement in our products and services, our processes and our working conditions. Maintain contact with customers and other stakeholders, to collaborate in the continuous improvement of the service.
To assure customers and other stakeholders that the products and services offered and provided are safe and reliable and that they comply with the requirements, specifications and/or applicable standards.
Establish work systems oriented to the prevention of potential failures; not only to their detection and solution.

The Management of Bioges Starters, S.A. will ensure the proper implementation, performance and continuous improvement of the effectiveness and capacity of the Management System to achieve the expected results in all areas and activities of the organization, providing the necessary resources.

The specific Quality objectives are part of the general objectives of Bioges Starters, S.A., which are defined each year and are detailed in specific plans or programs for their achievement, with definition of those responsible for them, deadlines and means necessary to achieve them.

The implementation of this Policy is the responsibility of all members of the company, starting with the Management. To ensure that it is understood, applied and kept up to date, the Management undertakes to disseminate it, so that all people in the organization or related to it, at any level, have the necessary information and training to enable them to carry out their activities in accordance with the provisions of the Management System.

Management of Bioges Starters, S.A. as of February 2022.